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Bank of America
Financial Web based home equity and mortgage applications
Activity Usability Testing
Description Conducted one-on-one usability testing of online applications with participants interested in Home Equity and Mortgage loans. Data was gathered on the process people go through to obtain a loan - starting with research and ending with receipt of the loan.
Columbia Investments
Financial Web based Investor Site
Activity Usability Testing & Informal Focus Groups
Description Conducted one-on-one usability testing of Asset Management website with end users and support personnel. Additionally conducted Focus groups. After thorough analysis of video, verbal comments, paths taken and error data - results and recommendations were presented to Columbia.
Consumer Elec DVD Entertainment System
Activity Design & Specification, User's Guide
Description Provided Human Factors input on the industrial design for the remote control and front and back panel layout and design. Designed and documented the specification for the menu system and banners, working closely with the graphics and software development teams. Wrote the User's Guide.
Software Software for Emergency Response Organizations
Activity Design & Specification
Description Worked with Motorola and other external consulting firm to design software for mobile personnel associated with emergency response organizations. Fully documented design to be used as specification for software developers and test personnel. This product is used by police and fire fighters on their mobile systems.
Network Security Toolkit
Software Automated Production of Live CD
Activity Software Development, Packaging and Distribution
Description The Network Security Toolkit is a freely available "Live CD" which includes a collection of tools related to Network Security in a "ready to run" package. Automation of many different processes (building of a bootable Linux system, patch management, documentaion, web site management, scripts, etc). Implementation of a web based front end to many of the tools bundled in the distribution. Work on this project required extensive use of: HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, Java, JavaScript, PHP, awk, bash, make, and sed.
Universal Technologies
Software Web Based Application Deployment
Activity Software Development
Description Instrumental in the creation a "task driven" web site allowing a user to select a task, and then have the appropriate application launched (based upon their client system capabilities) to complete the task. Involved the creation of a compiler to generate Java applet configuration files as well as the Java applet itself. Required expertise with: Java, JavaScript, HTML, ant, m4, and make.
Software Lightning Detection Network
Activity Software Development
Description Design and development of many of the components related to the Vaisala Thunderstorm systems. Development of many of the core C and C++ libraries and applications used by the backend collection, processing and archiving of data. Use of HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, Java and JSP in providing support in the development of frontend interfaces. Use of assembly language and Forth in the development of lightning sensor controllers (US Patent 5,036,334) and diagnostic tools.
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