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Redali Consulting was founded in June 2005. Our goal is to apply Human Factors and Computer Technologies towards the design and creation of useful products and tools.
REDALI Philosophies
Satisfaction from what one accomplishes at work is as important as monetary gain It is easy to keep clients if you provide more benefit than cost That form is often responsible for the initial acceptance of a product, but it is function that determines the product's longevity and true usefulness.
Megan Brown
Founder and Principal
Human Factors Specialist
Ms. Brown has over 15 years experience in the Human Factors field. Her technical expertise focuses on the research and design of graphical user interfaces for computer systems and hardware and software design of consumer electronic products. She has extensive hands-on experience in the evaluation, research, and design of complex menu navigations, installations, and configurations of products, handheld devices, and remote controls. She has vast experience in traditional usability testing, as well as alternative methodologies including ethnographic or field research. She believes in working closely with the client to understand their needs to provide customized research methodologies for each project.
Paul Blankenbaker
Computers & Technology
Paul's technical expertise focuses on the back-end development of software systems. He has been programming computers for over 25 years and has a knack at "making things work". He has had a wide range of exposure to the constantly changing field of software development. He has developed systems using low level assembly language and Forth, developed libraries and applications using C, C++, Java and XML, and has developed web based systems using HTML, CSS, XML, Java, JSP, PHP and CGI scripts. His skills have been applied in the development of the National Lightning Detection Network. He has tackled a wide range of problems related to communications, real time data processing, scientific analysis, text processing and automation of repetitive tasks.
what we do clients about us resources contact us
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